Favorite Places

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Alaska must be one of the most beautiful states!

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On the stadium field at Sydney, Australia's Olympic Village -- a model of accessibility

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Truly a modern (and beautiful) landmark -- The Opera House

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Taken from the window of our hotel room, Hyatt on the Rocks, Sydney Harbor

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The view from my favorite Denny's (on Waikiki Beach, Hawaii)

hawaii1.jpg (79482 bytes)
From the patio (lanai) of our 15th floor Honolulu hotel room

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At Ipanema near Copacabana in Rio -- from the beach you can almost see across the Atlantic...

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Lex and Mac in Brazil with Arthur O'Reilly, president of RI, and Izabel Maior

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Wolfgang says "I guarantee the view is worth the risk; besides -- it's never crashed with me aboard"

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Victoria Island, B.C. --  mountains, forests, valleys, rivers, lakes, beaches, oceans and bays -- uncompromised beauty

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With good friend, Wolfgang Zimmerman, on a river cruise in British Columbia

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Justin Dart (his Medal of Freedom on me), Yoshiko Dart, and Congressman Major Owens at the White House

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