Great Wall of China

carry1.jpg (188966 bytes)
no ramp -- "no problem;
we'll carry you"

carry2.JPG (157713 bytes)
"only 102 steps to go"

carry5.JPG (101196 bytes)
lift up two steps,
slide down one -- "ayhee"

carry9.JPG (158240 bytes)
half-way up -- "hang on"

wall11.JPG (180438 bytes)
whew! what a ride! what a view!

wall12.JPG (205439 bytes)
"thanks for the lift"!

carry3.JPG (154746 bytes)
the lift volunteers were members
of Chairman Deng's elite private guard

wall7.JPG (212754 bytes)
good friend, Prof. Kurt-Alphons Jochheim, first president of Rehabilitation International, helped with the lifting

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